It's been a long time, friends, and you deserve some explanation. We weren't blogposting for almost a year (sic!) and that's because, well... because a lot of stuff actually happened during that time, behind the scenes, at the Fir&Flams HQ. What you will learn here is that there was always a plan for CATDAMMIT!'s sequel. And it's pretty awesome. As well as that we've decided to mix the sequel with the prequel and publish the whole experience as one. The way it should be.

Now that's some serious news for once, right? If you're ready - click the button below to read the whole blog post and see some exciting stuff from the *new* CATDAMMIT! that we've cooked for ya! And there's that one more thing...



CATDAMMIT! Pixel Heaven 2014 relacja 01 CATDAMMIT! Pixel Heaven 2014 relacja 03

So, we're after our first gaming event. Tired but happy we bring you our report from Pixel Heaven 2014! No, not 'just' happy... very happy, because it was a storm of positive opinions about CATDAMMIT! Gamers, editors and kids almost smashed our Xbox 360 controller trying to beat Artur's (totally made up) high score.

The first day, when people finally started flooding 'Indie Basement' there was constantly a group of visitors waiting in line, watching someone play CATDAMMIT!. Even the extremely awful location of our 'basement' didn't prevent geeks from finding us and having a chance to say 'hi'. Our flyers were vanishing (like Ethan), so we had to keep them coming (we had 'a few' of them printed), backlog of batteries assured us that our controllers will endure and a few smuggled drinks and some food (the event was held at the club after all) kept us alive and kicking....



CATDAMMIT! Steam Greenlight Stats

Hi guys! So, we have been GREENLIT! On February 5th, after participating in Steam Greenlight for 54 days this awesome moment has finally come! And following recent trends, we wanted to share our statistics as well as our thoughts on the whole process, the pros and cons of being there. Those, who are still to post their first game on Steam Greenlight should find some useful tips here.

Industry veterans warned us that Greenlight is a damaged system, that our chances are thin and that many games are left in the limbo. Instead of taking the easy way out (dealing with publishers) we decided to get on this ride. And hell was it worth it!