CATDAMMIT! Director's Cat Screenshot 01

CATDAMMIT! Director's Cat Screenshot 02

CATDAMMIT! Director's Cat Screenshot 03

CATDAMMIT! Director's Cat update is coming soon ("when it's done" but we're aiming at the beginning of November, 2013). What can we expect with this upcoming update? Let's see...

★ new content (enemies, environments)
★ unlockable bonuses
★ achievements
★ downloadable version



Hey gang! We've got a great announcement to make! Our first game, CATDAMMIT! is finally available fot Y'all FOR FREE! The release trailer is on the top up there. Really, watch it! And of course - You can play it in Your browser via catdammit.firflams.com our hot, red button below:


And here are two new screenshots showing some new features in CATDAMMIT! It's coin showers spawning after successfull 'jump-smashing' an object and a Remotely Controlled Car that you can actually drive (if you don't destroy it with your chainsaw).

CATDAMMIT! screenshot05

CATDAMMIT! screenshot06

If you are running a YouTube channel with "let's play" videos, or maybe you want to review our game at your blog or write an article in the press - contact us via office@firflams.com - we've got a special "Limited Review Edition" of CATDAMMIT! for that purpose! It's a standalone version containing some additional, bonus stuff like colorful manual in the spirit ot some retro game releases we all loved!

Have a nice play!



Hello again, everyone! Since we needed to push the premiere of CATDAMMIT! to the early July, 2013 we thought that it would be a good idea to make a video, showing You how the game actually look in mooootttiioooon. So, we've taken some hand-drawn textures, added some really random low-poly crap, mixed it with natural catnip and a few bottles of milcohol and... BANG! TRAILER!

CATDAMMIT! screenshot 01

CATDAMMIT! screenshot 02

CATDAMMIT! screenshot 03

CATDAMMIT! screenshot 04

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Apart from stomping on a few bugs in the line of code, we are working on adding some awesome features that will expand the gameplay crazyness even more! So hang on tight, the game will be out for Mac & PC browsers (and free) in the first weeks of July, 2013 accompanied by a proper release trailer. Cheers!