CATDAMMIT! Christmas Wishlist Dreamcast

What did You get for Christmas? It's 1999 here and we have just unwrapped THIS.

CATDAMMIT! Christmas Wishlist Pegasus

Pegasus Family Game System. Any of you had this Eastern Europe's Famicom clone? "168 in one", "Contra", "Mario Bros" and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles". If only CATDAMMIT! Director's Cat was released on a cartridge in the 80's... so cool!

CATDAMMIT! Christmas Wishlist SuperNintendo

Super Nintendo! How awesome would CATDAMMIT! Director's Cat look in 16bit!

And guys, remember that You can still help us getting on Steam platform by upvoting us on Steam Greenlight. Putting a game on Steam finances our future projects, so thanks in advance for all your votes!


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