Hello again, everyone! Since we needed to push the premiere of CATDAMMIT! to the early July, 2013 we thought that it would be a good idea to make a video, showing You how the game actually look in mooootttiioooon. So, we've taken some hand-drawn textures, added some really random low-poly crap, mixed it with natural catnip and a few bottles of milcohol and... BANG! TRAILER!

CATDAMMIT! screenshot 01

CATDAMMIT! screenshot 02

CATDAMMIT! screenshot 03

CATDAMMIT! screenshot 04

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Apart from stomping on a few bugs in the line of code, we are working on adding some awesome features that will expand the gameplay crazyness even more! So hang on tight, the game will be out for Mac & PC browsers (and free) in the first weeks of July, 2013 accompanied by a proper release trailer. Cheers!


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