Hey gang! We've got a great announcement to make! Our first game, CATDAMMIT! is finally available fot Y'all FOR FREE! The release trailer is on the top up there. Really, watch it! And of course - You can play it in Your browser via catdammit.firflams.com our hot, red button below:


And here are two new screenshots showing some new features in CATDAMMIT! It's coin showers spawning after successfull 'jump-smashing' an object and a Remotely Controlled Car that you can actually drive (if you don't destroy it with your chainsaw).

CATDAMMIT! screenshot05

CATDAMMIT! screenshot06

If you are running a YouTube channel with "let's play" videos, or maybe you want to review our game at your blog or write an article in the press - contact us via office@firflams.com - we've got a special "Limited Review Edition" of CATDAMMIT! for that purpose! It's a standalone version containing some additional, bonus stuff like colorful manual in the spirit ot some retro game releases we all loved!

Have a nice play!


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