CATDAMMIT! screenshot

Some say it takes too long for us (2 guys, guys!) to make even one game. Damn. Ok so we took a challenge. 3 weeks to make a game for Edge and Unity3D's "Do No Harm" GIG Challenge. Unity3D is an engine we never used before. Do we stand the chance against studios that started working on their games months ago? In worst case scenario you get a free game to play soon, so plz share and support us any way you can!

CATDAMMIT! work in progress cars

CATDAMMIT! work in progress props

CATDAMMIT! work in progress enemies

Time is short and there's a lot to do. Above are some samples of the low-poly models we've prepared for the game. It's going to be called 'CATDAMMIT!' and it's about a drunk cat (milkoholic), who finds a chainsaw in the dumpster. The chainsaw is turned on and he can't let go of it. Roaming the city like that got to be fun!

CATDAMMIT! logo icon

CATDAMMIT! cat design

Right now we're in the middle of beta-testing program for CATDAMMIT! If you'd like to be a part of the closed beta let Artur know by sending him an e-mail. We'll soon release HD screenshots and gameplay trailer. For more up-to-date news we encourage you all to 'like' our Official Facebook profile. Ave!


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