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It's been a long time, friends.

I bet you already went through all the gifs at this point, so you have an idea of what we're going to be bragging about, CATDAMMIT! To be precise - the version of CATDAMMIT! no one (outside of Fir&Flams) have seen before. But first things first, because you deserve an explanation, right? We weren't blogposting for almost a year (sic!) and that's because, well... because a lot of stuff actually happened during that time. Putting the fact, that this was a pretty rough year for video games (although very 'eye opening') aside, a lot went down behind the scenes here, at the HQ. 

We have been 'greenlit' on Steam and we watched an awesome crowd playtesting CATDAMMIT! for the first time at the 'Pixel Heaven' event in Warsaw. Exciting! Also, we've made new industry contacts, including some publishers as well. So, what went wrong? 

Fox Detective | CATDAMMIT!

Well, after arranging meetings with people more experienced than ourselves, we've learned that the game was actually "too short" to make it in the serious market. We didn't really care at first - after all it was supposed to be "a small arcade game", right? But it could be so much more... And that's when we had to make an important decision. So we made it.

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

There was always a plan for CATDAMMIT!'s sequel. I had the script ready long before we finished the "Director's Cat" version of the prototype. And it's pretty awesome. While the 'story' you know focuses on Roman's crazy chainsaw rampage, the new episode was about to take a slightly different approach, including more playable characters in a more adventure'ous game mode. Also, there is a dreadful mystery to solve and it all beautifully fills in the holes in Roman's part of the drama. So, we've decided to mix the sequel with the prequel and publish the whole experience as one. The way it should be.

Kitty De Luna | CATDAMMIT!

So yeah, you can blame my creative bipolarity for CATDAMMIT! being currently on hold. Even though Marcin slapped me back into reality a few times before, on this one we agreed - it can be so much more than a simple, indie game. And we're just two guys out here! I believe we can deliver a true cartoon experience to you, so please understand our decision. And you can probably tell from the pre-alpha in-game material we shared here (an early prototype, Unity3D) and some concept art - the new CATDAMMIT! is going to be worth the wait.

This brings us to the true questions like "What now?'" and "Where are you going to get the funding from?" or "Aren't you guys just a bunch of lazy con artists?"

Kitty De Luna Mission | CATDAMMIT!

What's our destination, captain?

Making a long story short: we have decided to release another game first. One that actually wouldn't require another two years of full-time work, hiring professional jazz artists and selling a soul to a publisher for all this effort to pay off. One that we can make on our own, today. A more... 'indie' game. But still an awesome one! During the long pause, we have tested a few prototypes and pitched some exciting ideas to some already excited people (...) Be on the lookout - more details will be revealed soon. Now fasten your seatbelts and set the course for the stars!


Artur Hilger | @arturhilger


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